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As expected Latin is the most used, more than half  of the world uses it. 6 Indian Scripts are in the list of Top 15 Scripts. There are over 40 scripts in the full list.These are approximate numbers. 

Name :  Top 15 Scripts based on number of people using it ( approximate).
Created date : 10th Feb 2018
Data references   : as of 10th Feb 2018
Author/s : Anoop Kumar V K
Licence Type :  Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike
Tools used :  Google Sheets

Reporting Portals List page made public

17 Interactive portals, 4 Infographics sites, 156 Countries statistical portals, 29 other info portals, and 11 static reports sites' links have been added to the Reporting Portals list at to start with gap analysis (to understand what is already available for general public worldwide, and to prioritize what should be provided out of Public Data Warehouse and Reportpedia). This is only a start, we will add more as and when we get more. Happy to share the list with public as our mission is to bring information and insights to general public worldwide, and to build a data and fact-driven culture across the world. If you would like to support us please provide links to more sites, that are reliable, active and open to public worldwide. changes announcement

Below email was sent to all of our portal members from email address.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Members,

We thank you for signing-up on and supporting our mission of bringing information and insights to general public worldwide. We would like keep you informed that, World's Reporting PortalTM  has been migrated from a static website-based portal to a blog-based portal (similar to how it was when we first launched) based on the feedback we have received from our portal users. Please note some of the important changes listed below:
Blog-based : The new portal is blog-based, this ensures that the latest reports appear on the top compared to the previous portal where users had to search for the latest reports after going through different categories.Simplified : New portal ensures that users directly reach the set of reports when th…