changes announcement

Below email was sent to all of our portal members from email address.

Dear Members,

We thank you for signing-up on and supporting our mission of bringing information and insights to general public worldwide. We would like keep you informed that, World's Reporting PortalTM  has been migrated from a static website-based portal to a blog-based portal (similar to how it was when we first launched) based on the feedback we have received from our portal users. Please note some of the important changes listed below:

  • Blog-based : The new portal is blog-based, this ensures that the latest reports appear on the top compared to the previous portal where users had to search for the latest reports after going through different categories.
  • Simplified : New portal ensures that users directly reach the set of reports when they access . All additional pages are removed. 
  • Easy search : New portal has a search functionality at the global level using which reports can be found easily by providing any word that is within the report. 
  • Filters : Multiple filter options to easily find Reports based on Topics, Authors, Data Sources etc.
  • Migration : To avoid additional effort from your side, we have moved previously submitted reports to the new platform. If you have submitted a report, we request you to kindly do a short review of your report/s and get back to us if any corrections are required. And we are sure that you will like the new portal and that you won't have any objections with the reports on the new portal but just in case you have any objections please feel free to raise it with us (reply to this email).
  • Accounts Deletion : User Accounts created on the old portal will be deleted in the next few weeks.
  • New Reports : Only Reportpedia Admin will have the option to post reports. The option for users to post report will be discontinued until further notice. This to ensure that all future Reports are reviewed and verified before they are posted on the Portal.  To post a report on Reportpedia, you may email your reports or links (URLs) of the reports/visualizations etc to, we will carry out quality checks and then post it on the portal.
  • Domain :, World's Reporting PortalTM  will continue to be hosted using the same domain (URL) There are no changes to the domain.

Thanks for your support, we hope you will continue to support us in our mission of bringing information and insights to general public worldwide.

Have a nice weekend!