Business Intelligence jobs posted in

Analyzed the data related to BI jobs that are posted on using IBM Watson Analytics. IBM Watson Analytics does a great job by coming up with almost all likely questions that can be asked. I liked the connection part the most. Find multi-page pdf version here - Pdf version

Please note that this is only a reflection of BI jobs posted in and should not be considered as a general trend in Business Intelligence Jobs. Also the decreasing trend in the number of jobs posted is not because of decrease in number of BI jobs but because of lack of time to post the jobs.

272 BI jobs have over 100 (105) different Job roles or titles . One thing is for sure, there is no consistency in the Job titles across companies. Each company (sometimes each department within the same company) uses different titles. If you compare two job descriptions with the same title you will notice that the job descriptions don't match and it is also true the other way around, that is same job descriptions have different titles or roles.

Author: Anoop Kumar V K
Licence Type : CC-BY
Data : as of 6th October 2017 
Tool used : IBM Watson Analytics
Created Date : 7th October 2017
Multi-page pdf version here - Pdf version

If anyone is interested in volunteering to find and post BI jobs in portal and thereby 1) Help BI professionals find worldwide BI jobs easily 2) Help companies find right BI Talent quickly 3) Increase your BI vocabulary and knowledge in BI in your spare time then please contact and we will let you know how to go about it.