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G20 members analysis

 I went through the Statistical country profiles of G20 member states, collected data for some of the points that interested me and created a few charts. Here is the link to the semi-interactive charts -  G20 Analysis. Gross National Income - per capita Australia has the highest national gross income per capita. US is second followed by Canada and Germany in the 3rd and 4th place respectively.  India has the lowest per capita among the 20 member states.     The greener, the higher (better) Gross debt as % of its GDP 3 countries (Japan, US and Italy) have debt more than 100% of its own GDP. Percentage of its goods import from China China is the only country present in the list of Top 3 countries from which all other G20 member states import goods.  China is the number one goods exporter for 13 of the G20 member states. India is no where in the list of top 4 countries from which other member states import goods.  The only place where India is

TDWI Checklist Report - 6 Strategies

Six Strategies for Advancing Customer Knowledge with Big Data Analytics Name :  Six Strategies for Advancing Customer Knowledge with Big Data Analytics Author/s : TDWI Disclaimer: This report and many more such reports related to anything to do with Data is available on TDWI site and most of these reports can be downloaded for free from that site. These reports are created by TDWI. This post is only to make general public worldwide aware about such a useful source of information.  Reportpedia has not contributed to the report.

Business Intelligence Tools and Companies

I was just curious to know which countries make most of the popular Business Intelligence Tools and where there headquarters are.  At the moment it looks like it is totally dominated by United States in all categories. Now, I am again curious, why none of the companies in other countries are coming up with BI Tools that are as popular as these? In ETL or Data Integration category there is only one company outside United States. Author: Anoop Kumar V K Licence Type : CC-BY Data : for company headquarters information . Data as of 14th October 2017. Tool used : Microstrategy Created Date : 15th October 2017

Global Petroleum Prices

Author : Rajdeep Chatterjee I have visualized the pattern of change in Gasoline Prices across 10 different countries of the world, using Python. Python is an amazing tool to work with and this report not just compares the price variation but also establishes a predictive insight from the data. The data is obtained from Quandl ( Quandl is a source for financial, economic and alternative datasets delivered in usable formats with suitable APIs for analytic tools like R and Python. The data obtained from Quandl, consisted of several fields like Date, Gasoline Price, Gasoline One-Week Change %, Diesel Price, etc. The data were recorded from Sep. 2016 to Sep. 2017. I processed the data to obtain only the Gasoline Prices and the Dates when they were recorded. The following image shows how the data set for each countried varied. Clearly, in some of the countries the variation in prices was too little, whereas some countries showed considerable variation in

Business Intelligence jobs posted in

Analyzed the data related to BI jobs that are posted on using IBM Watson Analytics. IBM Watson Analytics does a great job by coming up with almost all likely questions that can be asked. I liked the connection part the most. Find multi-page pdf version here - Pdf version Please note that this is only a reflection of BI jobs posted in and should not be considered as a general trend in Business Intelligence Jobs. Also the decreasing trend in the number of jobs posted is not because of decrease in number of BI jobs but because of lack of time to post the jobs. 272 BI jobs have over 100 (105) different Job roles or titles . One thing is for sure, there is no consistency in the Job titles across companies. Each company (sometimes each department within the same company) uses different titles. If you compare two job descriptions with the same title you will notice that the job descriptions don't match and it is also true the other way around, that is same job de

Indians imprisoned in other countries

Name            : Indians imprisoned in other countries Created date  : 3rd Oct 2017 Data source   : Author/s : Gopal N Biradar (@biradar_gopal)    Licence Type : BY-NC-SA Created using : Tableau Category : National Additional Information :