G20 members analysis

 I went through the Statistical country profiles of G20 member states, collected data for some of the points that interested me and created a few charts. Here is the link to the semi-interactive charts -  G20 Analysis.

Gross National Income - per capita

  • Australia has the highest national gross income per capita. US is second followed by Canada and Germany in the 3rd and 4th place respectively. 
  • India has the lowest per capita among the 20 member states.   
 The greener, the higher (better)

Gross debt as % of its GDP

3 countries (Japan, US and Italy) have debt more than 100% of its own GDP.

Percentage of its goods import from China
  • China is the only country present in the list of Top 3 countries from which all other G20 member states import goods. 
  • China is the number one goods exporter for 13 of the G20 member states.
  • India is no where in the list of top 4 countries from which other member states import goods.  The only place where India is mentioned is in the list of top 5 countries from which South Africa imports goods, India comes 5th. 

Population density

  • I always thought India had the highest population density. To my surprise found that South Korea has the highest population density among G20 members. 
  • Also pleasantly surprised to see that Germany has high population density compared to most of the members and yet it manages to provide a very high quality life.

Mobile Subscriptions and Internet Users

 Name            : G20 Analysis
Published date  : 31st Oct 2017 
Data source   : destatis.de Statistical country profiles of G20 member states (20 reports of 2017).  Most of the data is for year 2015.
Author/s  : Anoop Kumar  V K   
Licence Type : BY-NC-SA 
Created using : Google Sheets

Keywords  : G20,  Gross national income, per capita income, mobile subscriptions, internet users, Population density, % of goods imported from china, Gross debt, GDP