Data Analysis of Data Scientists Survey Results Report

Name : Data Analysis of Data Scientists Survey Results Report (DADSSR Report)
Published date : 29th July 2018
Data sources : Data Analysis of Data Scientists survey results
Author/s : Anoop Kumar V K
Licence Type :  CC-BY-SA
Tools used : Google Form, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Background :

A survey called Data Analysis of Data Scientists was run between 1st June 2018 and 30th June 2018. This survey was promoted in various channels like Linkedin pages and groups, Whatsapp, blogs, word of mouth, etc requesting data scientists across the world to participate. 

Our sincere thanks to all survey respondents for their time and responses. From the responses received between 1st June 2018 and 30th June 2018 it was noted that several people who did not have Data Scientist as their official job title have also taken up the survey even though it was mentioned that only those who belong to Data Scientist category should take up the survey. So in order to respect the responses of everyone we have split the results - 1) With "Data Scien" in job title and 2) No "Data Scien" in job title. This way we can also see if there is a difference between the two categories. 

In the report "Data Scien" in their title means that the respondent has a title that has the words "Data Scien" in it, for example  Data Scientist, Chief Data Scientist, Data Science Engineer, etc. And No "Data Scien" in their title means that these respondents believe they carry out the role of Data Scientist however their title doesn't have "Data Scien" in it. 

We are sure that the report will be useful for several communities (Data professionals, Business leaders, Students, etc). Sincere effort has been made to promote the survey, collect as many responses, validate entries, and analyze the results in an objective manner and to present as much information as possible. If you still find that any of the aspects is missing please feel free to raise it in the comments below, and we will try our best to provide you the information.

Also it has been decided not to end the survey but to keep it ongoing so that more responses can be collected. If you have not taken the survey previously you can still take it up using this link.  Note that no personal data is collected in the survey.  We will refresh the DADSSR report once every 3 months. 


This is a report with 9 pages that provides interesting information. Best viewed in landscape mode. Give it a minute to load. Please go through each of the pages by selecting the page using the page selector at the bottom left.  Simple charts like pie charts and bar charts are chosen intentionally. Idea is not to showcase our data visualization capabilities with fancy charts but to convey the results in a clean, consistent and in a way it is easy to understand for all types of users.

Consolidated list of tips provided by the respondents are also published below after the report. Hope this helps you in your journey regardless of what stage of your career you are in.

Tips provided by some of the respondents :

"Focus on the basic math and statistical understanding. Everything else will change. And don't run away from code. It is for a long period of time going to be the most flexible and robust interface. "

"Learn, practice, repeat"

"Be coder, be hands-on, be business oriented"

"Get theoretical understanding of Statistics Mathematics Operations Research, Market Research, NLP etc."

"Understand what is data, broaden your aspects and knowledge about data science and data science looks easy but its not"

"see the beauty of solving solution, coffee, and love"

"1) Complete one MOOC Data Science course  irrespective of whether u lack programming or Math, you should be good at at least one, if you have none build competency in one first 2) Work on one Project end to end on all major ML area, NLP, Supervised & Unsupervised ML 3 3) Started building on Programming and Math Skills"

"Clear the basic concepts. Have passion and zeal for the field as it requires a lot of dedication. Practice a lot!"

"Mathematics, Statistics, and Programming skills are a must-have"


While all efforts have been made to provide accurate and reliable information, under no circumstances can we (Author or company) be held responsible for any unintended inaccuracies or errors or omissions. Report is provided without any warranty. We are not responsible for any damages caused to you because of your actions or decisions that you take based on the information provided in this report. We advise you to consult a Professional or coach/mentor to analyze and recommend solutions or provide guidance based on specific needs of the Business or individual respectively.


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