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Oktoberfest - Trends

Oktoberfest is world's largest volkfest. For more about Oktoberfest refer - As Oktoberfest is happening just within 1 KM of where I live I was motivated to analyze the data of Oktoberfest to understand some trends. From below charts two interesting points came to light 1. The beer sold per visitor has increased from 0.75 Liter per visitor to about 1.2 Liter per visitor.   2. Consumption of chicken declined in  year 2000 and since then has not reached the heights as it was before year 2000  Note - In some of the years there was a Scaled-down Oktoberfest together with Bavarian Central Agricultural Festival Name : Oktoberfest - Trends Created date : 28th Sep 2019 Data sources :  Author : Anoop Kumar V K Licence Type :  CC-BY-SA   Tools used : Google Sheets